The Lakers' Best Plays From The 2020 #NBAPlayoffs 🏆 

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Every highlight moment from the Lakers' championship run!
Which play was the best? 🤔
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2020 13 اكتبر





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Alex Amerling
Alex Amerling پیش 3 ساعت
Time to go for #18
The3pleThreat پیش روز
Thins we learnt from Playoff LBJ 2020: 1. ANY TEAM, ANY CONFERENCE. 2. If only Bron shoes up, Lakers lose a close game. 3. If LBJ and AD show up, Lakers win a close game. 4. Anybody else on the squad decides to show up to a game with LBJ and AD and its a blowout. 5. All the talk of the WEST, and the hardest competition Bron saw was from the East....
Testimony Olatunji
Testimony Olatunji پیش 2 روز
the lakers are amazing
Mighty NOS V
Mighty NOS V پیش 5 روز
i thought i was watching Lebron Highlights but the title say Lakers best play o_o
Monruedee BUNNACHOM پیش 5 روز
Give Bron another 5 more rings
paul amrod
paul amrod پیش 5 روز
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Alb San
Alb San پیش 5 روز
KIM SHIN TV پیش 9 روز
Gray Star
Gray Star پیش 10 روز
Anthony Davis from downtown would you tell all the names of basketball of the players
Gray Star
Gray Star پیش 10 روز
Gray Star
Gray Star پیش 10 روز
This is the one to go to the Jolo
ikato kiyazaki2
ikato kiyazaki2 پیش 10 روز
lebron sonned everybody
Pedro Mariscal
Pedro Mariscal پیش 13 روز
Melo : I got it I got it falls out of bounds 🤣
Enrique More
Enrique More پیش 15 روز
Hey fans this is an awesome video and the song is great!!! iritem.info/cd/fy-lm-h-y/f5B3iLbbuWiVj4U.html
Merdan Azimow
Merdan Azimow پیش 15 روز
I'm very happy Leykers champion.
HIP HOP HUB TV پیش 17 روز
Nathan Phelps
Nathan Phelps پیش 20 روز
James for three bang
genesis brown
genesis brown پیش 20 روز
Most of the plays belongs to Lebron James. He is supercomputer in field.
Jeremy M
Jeremy M پیش 21 روز
Lakers were out the playoffs for 6 years and the clippers didn’t make it past the 2nd round once while we were gone but first year back we champs
Jeremy M
Jeremy M پیش 21 روز
Can’t believe niggas said blazers in 4 after lakers lost game 1 in the playoffs😂😂
Chuck Cougar
Chuck Cougar پیش 21 روز
Is this lebron highlites or Lakers highlites🤔
IamAski پیش 21 روز
It’s sad how this generation took this high level of basketball for granted we just witnessed last month 😩 these dude all sleeping under the same roofs for 3 months nothing but basketball 24/7 I already knew the king was gonna win💯
Curtis Chen
Curtis Chen پیش 22 روز
this "mickey mouse ring" still holds more value than any of KD's
OUUWEE پیش 22 روز
lebron is the greatest
Cristal Alcantara
Cristal Alcantara پیش 23 روز
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Cristal Alcantara
Cristal Alcantara پیش 23 روز
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Ice In My Veins
Ice In My Veins پیش 23 روز
Dwight, Rondo, LeBron, Melo all ballin like it's 2009
Poliana Ataíde
Poliana Ataíde پیش 23 روز
Lebron’s performance in paradise
Elsa Obando-Foschini
Elsa Obando-Foschini پیش 24 روز
Alex Caruso is legit underrated. Watching these highlights made me realise how important he was for Defense and transition buckets.
Puthy پیش 24 روز
11:36 how LeBron outsprinted Jerami Grant is crazy.
Dayvin Knemeyer
Dayvin Knemeyer پیش 25 روز
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Auburn Mann
Auburn Mann پیش 26 روز
Greatest LeBron team?
Foxy Cinnamon
Foxy Cinnamon پیش 27 روز
AD for 3 and the win -- gorgeous.
Marquis Burns
Marquis Burns پیش 27 روز
3:30 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 the king
OAK 500i
OAK 500i پیش 27 روز
twin nados
twin nados پیش ماه
I have always wanted to meet Lebron James
Damian morris Morris
Damian morris Morris پیش ماه
What I like to call lebron James “lebron....THE LEGEND!” when lebron gets finals mvp a ring and championship “Mickey James MVP!” GO LAKERS!,
Son Lim
Son Lim پیش ماه
watch lebron james xviii Ep sneakers unboxing here: iritem.info/cd/fy-lm-h-y/hd1oqa-a3qusbIU.html
Hardworker پیش ماه
Bruno Pires
Bruno Pires پیش ماه
Lmao only if the clippers were able to lose in 5 as well to the lake show 🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂
Manny Gracioppo
Manny Gracioppo پیش ماه
WE FUCKING DID IT BABY!! #LakeShow #Championship17
PUTA EDWOW پیش ماه
Rip lbj haters i wish you all got covid especially your whole family rip😂
Mik Supreme
Mik Supreme پیش ماه
It’s a pity no one is talking about karuso 😒😒
Thomas پیش ماه
Lebron is 35 and still looking like a young buck out there. So fast and still throwing down nasty dunks.
boRn_N_DA_80s پیش ماه
The commercials pop up at funniest times
Jordan Wejnert
Jordan Wejnert پیش ماه
Hahahaha Rondo at 2:56 “godamn!”
ikato kiyazaki2
ikato kiyazaki2 پیش ماه
Lakers made it look easy. Any other team and its a tough playoff run
Chris A
Chris A پیش ماه
Jordan is no joke but today's big men are just too athletic and agile. You better off trying to dunk on Mutombo, who's a NBA great, rather than trying to dunk on Anthony Davis.
gard texas
gard texas پیش ماه
More than 80% of the NBA Drafts of 2003 - 2006 is already retired. Lebron still playing like his third year
Lone_ Platypus
Lone_ Platypus پیش ماه
i never seen a video with so many ads holy fuck youtube is turning horrible
Victor Vasquez
Victor Vasquez پیش ماه
rulina oira
rulina oira پیش ماه
12:12 is The BEST
banny fide
banny fide پیش ماه
Professional sports analysts Beginning of 2020: LeBron James is done. Lebron wants to be an actor. Lakers will not win a championship. New Orleans got the better trade for Anthony Davis. Kawhi! Kawhi! Kawhi!!!! And now: Lakers had an easy win. Lebron got it easy. The bubble etc. Haters gonna hate... -Al bal
rjmq06 پیش ماه
I remember someone said d green runs like he has weights on his ankles 😂
rjmq06 پیش ماه
They shouldve included all those clutch 3s by ronnndddooooooo
Jose Gorra Jr.
Jose Gorra Jr. پیش ماه
Lakers 💪💪💪💪
Mike De paz
Mike De paz پیش ماه
Rubi Kino
Rubi Kino پیش ماه
Caruso should be UNTOUCHABLE
The Poor Prince
The Poor Prince پیش ماه
Where is? *Rondo Backboard?? *James contact on Herro and Dunk? *Game 6 3 pointer of Howard😂
The Poor Prince
The Poor Prince پیش ماه
Where is? *Rondo Backboard?? *James contact on Herro and Dunk? *Game 6 3 pointer of Howard😂
Lâm Đinh
Lâm Đinh پیش ماه
Watching this you can see how big impact Caruso has made in Lakers, like at 9:06 - 9:10
Martin Araujo
Martin Araujo پیش ماه
Westbrick was getting murdered by Lebron🤣
Sanjeev Bhattacharjee
Sanjeev Bhattacharjee پیش ماه
when Davis is on Compound V
GoodNight Robicheaux
GoodNight Robicheaux پیش ماه
Yo it took everybody for this one. AC DG Bron AD Dwight Pierre .9 KCP Kuzz whole squad stepped up. 1st year together. Ayo the 🐍 said we'd be back RIP Bean
Hummingbird پیش ماه
honetsly chris paul maybe old but he was still way better than westbrook
Jose Benitez
Jose Benitez پیش ماه
This is just a Leborn James and Alex Caruso highlight. Caruso the GOAT
Michael Amechi
Michael Amechi پیش ماه
Please don't hurt 'em Bron!
armand sprewell obame ename
3'30 et 3'36... james and javal
CTBD پیش ماه
Malcolm Benjamin
Malcolm Benjamin پیش ماه
It took me just under 7 minutes to realize that this wasn't a LeBron highlight reel.
Robert Martian
Robert Martian پیش ماه
3:14 pure comedy
Lamon Love jr
Lamon Love jr پیش ماه
I swear if Lebron had a bullet you might need to be worried 😟 lol just saying. That passing game serious. Don’t lie u already said ya when u read this 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💯💯💯✊🏿
thejackone پیش ماه
I know the Carushow thing has gone too far hahaha, but men look at these high lights all of them are LB, AD or Carushow
tom savage
tom savage پیش ماه
Lakers got lucky when Avery Bradley stepped out. Gave more minutes to Caruso and rondo and they were huge for this SHIP. LAKER NATION BABY
Beat S
Beat S پیش ماه
Congrats 2020 Champions LA Lakers... TY LBJ, for bouncin back from last year...
Jorge Brown
Jorge Brown پیش ماه
Yes I have to begin the game basketball supposed to start from the beginning not from all season that's the only way that can win a championship all season you want a championship play the entire season you start late you finish late now you start late and you finish the same time it's supposed to finish done at the championship so that's my personal opinion so good luck
Sekou Makadji
Sekou Makadji پیش ماه
Notice how almost all of these plays are with lebron in it.🤔🤔
bronzefighta پیش ماه
Over hear blastin' deltaparole to this right of this time
All Time Hustle
All Time Hustle پیش ماه
Notice how lebron is involved in over 95% of the plays... 🐐
Hsaerp361 پیش ماه
King LBJ😱💪👏
Alfonso Lopez
Alfonso Lopez پیش ماه
Nobody is mentioning it but CARUSO is so important for this team. You can see what he brings defensively to this lakers team as well as his non stop hustle. It especially showed during his start in game 6 vs the Heat in the finals and I hope the Lakers pay that man
wayne cockerham
wayne cockerham پیش ماه
It’s crazy to think about how relative to everyday life Lebron really isn’t old at all , so when we say man he should be slowing down by now and given history he should be he’s really still a young man it’s weird.
Jace Tran
Jace Tran پیش ماه
How yall not gonna show that behind the backboard shot by rondo smh
Darryl Richardo
Darryl Richardo پیش ماه
"The Lebron James' Best Plays From The 2020 #NBAPlayoffs 🏆"
BEB1214 پیش ماه
Didn't give KCP no love?
Rico S
Rico S پیش ماه
I'm starting to think Lebron needs to be drug tested. you're not supposed to still be in your prime in your mid 30s
Roshan Muppalla
Roshan Muppalla پیش ماه
He has been numerous times over his career
John Wilson
John Wilson پیش ماه
*These are almost all* LeBron James highlights. I know he's a beast, but damn. Other dudes did things.
Justin Case
Justin Case پیش ماه
I still don't get how this was lebron's easiest path to the finals when all his career they said he was the king of the east he was beating up on the east so how was this his easiest path ? The man faced the best 8th seed prolly ever in Portland faced two former mvps in russell and harden then faced the nuggets who came back twice from a 3-1 deficit then beat the so called best and deepest team in the "clippers" with two of the best players in the league and so called the best wing defenders on the same team since mj and pippen , then beat the miami heat who beat all the good teams in the east the only easy thing you can probably say was miami but idk how you can say that when there in the nba finals since when was it easy to make it to the nba finals ? The man did it ten times and won 4 yes but look at those losses two of those losses came from a straight juggernaut in the warriors with Kd the another lost was when he lost kevin love and kyrie he lost to the spurs who had 3 hall of famers plus a young kawhi the only loss I can say that really hurt this man legacy was the one he's lost against the mavs it was no excuse for the heat to lose that series if you disagree with anything I just said your just a hater man . people like stephen a smith would say 6 final losses smh the man went there 10 times so what he was suppose to win them all ? Yes mj was 6 and 0 but he went there 6 times and only got there because of scottie to as soon as mj got a all star in pippen he went there before that he couldn't sniff a finals and was coached by arguably the best coach of all time dam near his whole career lebron best coach you can honestly say might be frank vogel lmao I'm done debating with people about lebron I am the biggest kobe fan ever and I really had to look in the mirror and admit that he's just better smh one of the hardest things I had to do in my life 😭😭🤣🤣 rip kobe we did it for you !!! And gigi ❤️
Adi Bryant
Adi Bryant پیش ماه
Lakers should focus resign AD, KCP and Morris first.
Adi Bryant
Adi Bryant پیش ماه
@jason moukala bradley n caruso ? They still have contract
jason moukala
jason moukala پیش ماه
And rondo and Bradley and caruso
Jessica Sanchez
Jessica Sanchez پیش ماه
Strive 4 Greatness
Strive 4 Greatness پیش ماه
THE 🐐 KING 👑 ☝ 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆 THE LAKE SHOW
Rick Johnson
Rick Johnson پیش ماه
I luv the aau vibe of these playoffs..
Rovin Enusban
Rovin Enusban پیش ماه
"hE cAn'T WiN iN WeSt"
Janoy Cresnova
Janoy Cresnova پیش 5 روز
He can win if teams get injured
Blake Moore
Blake Moore پیش ماه
Please take a moment to appreciate the greatness of that man from Akron, Ohio, 2 months shy of his 36th birthday. A man among boys. How he can be so athletic and dominant against guys 10 years younger is nothing short of amazing.
Marine Smurf
Marine Smurf پیش ماه
Lebron is a civil rights activist that can hoop pretty good. That’s my dog. #inmysmokeyvoice
Michael Karamas
Michael Karamas پیش ماه
God Damn Caruso! You would never know he was a G league player 2 years ago. Watching these clips he is the number 3 guy on the team.
Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan پیش ماه
We'll talk when any other player in his 35 will do the same stuff as LeBron is doing!
Jays Enterprise
Jays Enterprise پیش ماه
Check out this Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers Autograph Signed Framed Authentic Stat Jersey Limited Edition Numbered 4 Authenticated Certified amzn.to/354r6O2 (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)
person 1
person 1 پیش ماه
I seriously underestimated Caruso.
The Ampharos Freak
The Ampharos Freak پیش ماه
8:17 “raindrop opening my locker, take 2”
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