The Best Plays From Jimmy Butler's #NBAFinals Triple-Doubles! 

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Jimmy Buckets made the most of his first trip to the #NBAFinals by recording two triple-doubles and keeping the Heat's championship chase alive!
Watch the best moments from his historic nights and tell us what your favorite play was!
Game 6 of the #NBAFinals is Sunday at 7:30 PM ET on ABC!
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Young Kobe
Young Kobe پیش 19 روز
He has the Mamba mentality
Rifle Smile
Rifle Smile پیش ماه
He never let the LA hype get to him or his teammates. He dug in, he showed up, and he delivered. This man is a true champion, on and off the court.
Jokriss TV
Jokriss TV پیش ماه
I was rooting for the lakers, but I have so much respect for jimmy now after this Series gotta give the man his flowers. Cop me a jimmy buckets jersey for sure
Dario Pedro
Dario Pedro پیش ماه
a miami heat idol is rising? *a miami heat idol is rising*
Not Another Tik Tok Page
Where's my NBA fans at? Check in
Paolo Escobar
Paolo Escobar پیش ماه
The heat definitely have way more ball movement and good IQ plays than the Lakers
BossedupJohnny پیش ماه
2:47 lmao how they put the sentence
krishna tiwari
krishna tiwari پیش ماه
i b happy as a mf when lebrons woke ass gets whooped in game 7...
Jackyy پیش ماه
Bro if it happens that’s history
Savannah Gaile
Savannah Gaile پیش ماه
fuck him
girlgirl0356 پیش ماه
So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘
KK Li پیش ماه
Jimmy brings back the Jordan and Kobe memories. No flops, just pure basketball. Another reason why bron will never be Goat, he flops too much and that disrespect the game.
A B پیش ماه
Butler was always underrated player. Now it is the time. Fuxk of baloon nba stars. The Man is back.
Reza Audyvie
Reza Audyvie پیش ماه
Dani red
glatze fratz
glatze fratz پیش ماه
Jimmy with the Dirk Nowitzki performance can win the finals
Gene Au
Gene Au پیش ماه
I bet MJ is so proud of him.
Elson Aquino Viñas
Elson Aquino Viñas پیش ماه
Nasa coach din yan
Mituki HonJap
Mituki HonJap پیش ماه
That hit from D Howard towards JB's head proves that Howard's a bitch
Aminoddin Domado
Aminoddin Domado پیش ماه
As much as we want to praise Jimmy's performance, he would always say that it's a team effort.
Wanda Williams
Wanda Williams پیش ماه
First time watching a Jimmy Butler game 👀
Hân Cruz
Hân Cruz پیش ماه
30:27 Anyone want to do this with me😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
Jackyy پیش ماه
No ur mad ugly
gym nation 3.0
gym nation 3.0 پیش ماه
Anthony Davis hit Miami heat's Jae Crowder in the face during the Game 5. The punch was much more egregious than the Draymond Green's 2016 punch that led him to a crucial suspension. No punishment has been given even after 24 hours by the NBA. I don't need any more proofs to ensure how much rigged NBA's this season is. It's in 3rd quarter 9:27 remaining time. See and decide yourself.
wadestreetboi پیش ماه
Lakers in 6
wadestreetboi پیش ماه
Jackyy & you were saying?😂 FCK OUTTA HEA LAKERS 4L💜💜💜
Jackyy پیش ماه
Lol then it’s gonna be lakers in 7 then lakers in 8
Iam Flashin
Iam Flashin پیش ماه
Majin Records
Majin Records پیش ماه
iritem.info/cd/fy-lm-h-y/jbaHd8zHyJrZoYE.html Lebron tribute
C C پیش ماه
He’s one of the most lovable players in the game
Adam spams ZR
Adam spams ZR پیش ماه
go heats!
Leovic Rosal
Leovic Rosal پیش ماه
Miami has nothing to lose, everyone expects them to fall against the superteam lakers. Even if they lose though they would get so much respect and admiration. However, if ever, on the wildest event the Lakers lose this series, it's gonna be embarassing for the Lakers, specially to Lebron and AD.
Leovic Rosal
Leovic Rosal پیش ماه
Lebron is the best probably the best player ever, his skills, strength, speed, size, he has it all. But what makes him not the greatest is he chooses his team, and teammates. MJ, Kobe, Duncan, Dirk, Wade, Steph won the championship with what was provided to them. Jimmy on the other hand, is just the definition of will, he's leading a young inexperienced team against a superteam, he deserves sp much respect even if Miami lose.
Proven پیش ماه
Win or Lose Miami should retire #22
ENRI Films
ENRI Films پیش ماه
Mamba mentality 💯
Daddys milk
Daddys milk پیش ماه
Respect from Jimmy Butler for almost playing the whole game and forcing Game 6
Bali Pimm
Bali Pimm پیش ماه
💓💓💓 iritem.info/cd/fy-lm-h-y/jsV6gbCc2mjei3k.html
girlgirl0356 پیش ماه
OMG 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Jerry10 Boston
Jerry10 Boston پیش ماه
Jimmy is outplaying lebron and AD
monkeyB12 پیش ماه
Just look at this guy and his will to win! Go jimmy buckets 🔥🔥🔥greetings from Philippines 🇵🇭❤️💕
버려진고양이 پیش ماه
fuck lal
S.H.Z Productions
S.H.Z Productions پیش ماه
If jimmy doesn't win hope he wins in them 2 years
Lil High
Lil High پیش ماه
That's what super star do. He deserve a max contract.
Dennis Guscott
Dennis Guscott پیش ماه
Butler is in the same mode as jordan, he will not let you lose. Tremendous competitor. I don't know why they let Dwight Howard play, he's nothing but a hatchet man. I hope Butler can win it all, he epitomizes what sports is all about. Win!!
Kaynm پیش ماه
Butler deserves some kind of award, the NBA should do something on it
Eldin Calino
Eldin Calino پیش ماه
Sixers are crying right now😅😅😅😅😅😅
Instagram Trends
Instagram Trends پیش ماه
Heat in 7
Ishigami Yu Pinoy Anime Lover
Butler not a ball hugger
Meka Okafor
Meka Okafor پیش ماه
This mans poise is insane, when tf did he get this shit
Tee Pee
Tee Pee پیش ماه
Go jimmy kimmel!
Ibrahim پیش ماه
Can Butler still become the final mvp if Miami didn't get the title?
carlos melara
carlos melara پیش ماه
I dont think so, Lebron made bether plays againts warriors and he didnt recieved this
Cj 123
Cj 123 پیش ماه
Honestly tho who tf said " Aye let's put the best of Jimmy Butler triple doubles on here"
Adaam Hidrey
Adaam Hidrey پیش ماه
What if he gets another one? You should make these after the series ends
360Hyp3rDunk پیش ماه
Average player that works hard. All I can conclude but I think we need to say more out of Danny green.
thegiftedmedia پیش ماه
Butler is truly one of the modern marvels in the sport of basketball. How on earth is he so efficient with those t rex arms? Just pure work ethic, strength and basketball IQ.
3B Bright & Brave Brain
Maulen. IDC Florez
Maulen. IDC Florez پیش ماه
His passing is actually kind of slept on.
aprytic پیش ماه
I got a stank face at most of his assists
Elguapo Guzman
Elguapo Guzman پیش ماه
LeBron's face at the 5:05 🤫
Joshua Koenig
Joshua Koenig پیش ماه
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Jayson Affiliate
Jayson Affiliate پیش ماه
Get your Miami Heat Jersey here amzn.to/36R55Vr (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)
X W پیش ماه
As Spo said. Textbook definition of not only a Two-Way player but also a grinder, get it out the mud leader who doesn’t give up or care what anyone thinks. Been watching him every seasons since I found him. Happy he’s @ 305
Compassionate Living
Compassionate Living پیش ماه
Jimmy Buckets
Dylan پیش ماه
Want to hear what everyone else thinks of this. I think this should be the overall ratings update on 2k for Heat players after the finals. Butler: 93 Bam:89 Herro: 85 Duncan: 83 Dragic: 86 Nunn: 81 (Im on the edge about giving bam 90 overall but I’m not sure)
MrChunkylover پیش ماه
Jimmy should be at least 95 for his performance throughout the playoffs finals
brisance پیش ماه
Heat were hustling! Championship is now the Lakers’s to lose.
ZenitsuM.A.G پیش ماه
RoseCurry AndDeRozan
RoseCurry AndDeRozan پیش ماه
Nobody does commentary like Mike Breen.
The Lost1
The Lost1 پیش ماه
What a Legend 🔥🔥
hard truth
hard truth پیش ماه
We need to take a stand. Disregard the hoodie but whoever wrote this hit the nail on the head with the message. Speaks volums imo. teespring.com/WeStandFlag
Mercer County Lyricist
Westbrook: "I triple doubled three straight seasons!!!" Butler: "I triple doubled my way to finals mvp
Ethan Doritoz
Ethan Doritoz پیش ماه
@harsh Verma That's what I'm saying, just stop replying fuckin loser, you dont watch basketball
harsh Verma
harsh Verma پیش ماه
@Ethan Doritoz 🙄
Ethan Doritoz
Ethan Doritoz پیش ماه
@harsh Verma you can only respond with an emoji because you know I'm right
Ethan Doritoz
Ethan Doritoz پیش ماه
@harsh Verma That's literally the truth, it's why steven adams wasn't getting an insane amount of rebounds and shit. If you've actually watched the games you'd know how great Russ is on the fastbreak
harsh Verma
harsh Verma پیش ماه
@Ethan Doritoz 🙄
Z M پیش ماه
As a Bulls fan, I'm happy to see Butler finally happy and respected
Cody Baxter
Cody Baxter پیش ماه
Its like they tryna set up Miami heat, the series isn't even over yet 😒
K. Bermejo
K. Bermejo پیش ماه
Jimmy B. Jordan 💯
Omar Benitez
Omar Benitez پیش ماه
I kinda hope heat wins just cuz of Jimmy buckets
Nathan Solpico
Nathan Solpico پیش ماه
It doesnt matter for Kobe if lakers lose, he will always go who got mamba mentality!!
HateLoveHP پیش ماه
attack, pass, steal, block, defence, leader and never give up spririt. #Respect # Jimmy Butler
Denniszen پیش ماه
Butler may not win this year but he is going to win one someday. He deserves it.
SNAZINS پیش ماه
wth, why does it show teams scoring from opposite floors in the same quarter? is the video mirrored or something?
SNAZINS پیش ماه
@K. Bermejo oh I gotcha, I thought it was game 5 only lol
K. Bermejo
K. Bermejo پیش ماه
They're taking clips from all of the different games of this series.
ALLN پیش ماه
You've just lost to Bemmy Adebutler
BIGKINGING ! پیش ماه
Proof the nba is rigged and Lakers win in game 6? Like why come out with videos of him and Duncan Robinson best plays from the Finals like it’s already over?
Napoleon Andre Ventura
Jimmy's a dog man he deserves to win a ring someday
Ryan Lee
Ryan Lee پیش ماه
Jimmy Butler is an inspiration!
Hsaerp361 پیش ماه
ChicaBuls Minnsota and Philla76 Andrew Wiggins Karl-Anthony Towns Joel Embiid and Ben Simmon are speechless..wOw to Jimmy Butler and his Teammates MiaHeat. Jimmy Butler is a good leader man 💪👏👍
jenni431 پیش ماه
Lebron stands there crying like a pussy.
26Galean پیش ماه
ChicaBuls Minnsota and Philla76 Andrew Wiggins Karl-Anthony Towns Joel Embiid and Ben Simmon are speechless..wOw to Jimmy Butler and his Teammates MiaHeat. Jimmy Butler is a good leader man 💪👏👍
Val domiro
Val domiro پیش ماه
They are silent hahaha
Eu Sou
Eu Sou پیش ماه
Jimmy butler out there doing what we have been expecting from Westbrook since 2017
smile emoji
smile emoji پیش ماه
iiiiits Blaaaame time!!😅🤣🤣
Budy Chris Taruna
Budy Chris Taruna پیش ماه
Game 6, Lakers 4, heat 2
Gabriel Sondak
Gabriel Sondak پیش ماه
Last night Lakers used the Black Mamba shirt.. but it's clear that Jimmy showcased a Black Mamba Mentality
The Greatest Finesser
The Greatest Finesser پیش ماه
Nah he got Jordan in him
Ba Doai
Ba Doai پیش ماه
G yesiritem.info/cd/fy-lm-h-y/sKl7YqezxXS_fWw.html
Ku To
Ku To پیش ماه
Jimmy ain't Butler Jimmy is the Boss😎
Jacob Agito
Jacob Agito پیش ماه
peanut butler spreading the rock
Mrblackairforces One
Mrblackairforces One پیش ماه
Dude have a couple of good games and y’all out here calling him jimmy Jordan and making him highlight tapes 🤣🤣💀 fakest fans ever
DrBirday پیش ماه
I mean to be fair he has been doing great for years. Its just in the Finals of the playoffs at this point so for sure he is gonna get recognized more.
Gabriel Sondak
Gabriel Sondak پیش ماه
If he aint finals MVP win or lose... imma lose hope
Andrius Grigas
Andrius Grigas پیش ماه
I want to win 🤷‍♂️
Totally OrdinaryGuy
Totally OrdinaryGuy پیش ماه
Stop restricting the highlights in countries!
ricky paunon
ricky paunon پیش ماه
Fuck u jimmy you go hemo
Jim Street
Jim Street پیش ماه
I want the heat to win this so hard 🔥
Gbiscuit 456
Gbiscuit 456 پیش ماه
Jimmy butler just a different breed 😧
Rise Above
Rise Above پیش ماه
This one will be in the history for sure. Nba bubble finals, jimmy and the team against lebron and the stars.
Marc Angelo Chiapco
Marc Angelo Chiapco پیش ماه
idk i want the heat to force game 7 but i think the lakers would close it on 6
They were suppose to close it on yesterday.
Super Fly
Super Fly پیش ماه
Don’t underestimate Butler. He is fast he is young and he is lethal.
PG پیش ماه
And he's 31
Bob Loblaw
Bob Loblaw پیش ماه
Its 6am and i still cant believe theyre paying danny brick 30 mill to miss an open 3 in the last seconds of the game. Gimme 29 nun more nun less id get that done Im the package Next up
ヒート本当に大逆転で #NBA チャンピオンになるわ‼︎流れが良くなっている‼︎ #バスケ
Michael Pounds
Michael Pounds پیش ماه
If miami can pull this off..it would justic for the heat fans..the laker are a stacked team..if james was not with the lakers i would be pulling for lakers..for kobe and his daugther but i cannot because of james..any one who put on that laker colors was a laker for life..he is not ..and second they keep trying to give him greatness to his name of his time..and that is not true .if the refs call the charging fouls on james he would be on the bench..and the lakers would lose this..