#NBAFinals Game 6 Highlights And Lakers Celebration 🏆 

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Relive the Lakers' historic Game 6 victory AND watch them hoist the Larry O'Brien Trophy in this ultimate championship highlight mix!
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2020 11 اكتبر





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George McCrary, II
George McCrary, II پیش 3 ساعت
Here’s the thing lebron didn’t even get pushed that hard this finals lol
Art3 sports TV
Art3 sports TV پیش 2 روز
It's a nice game for lakers... Congrats to lakers and the fans...
KK پیش 5 روز
Lakers defense said enough of this bullshit
marvin Huidem
marvin Huidem پیش 6 روز
Im totally a lakers fan so congrats lakers! And that's that all lakers have return to los angeles and amm ahhh so LeBron James your a great leader and ahh that's all. Congratulations lakers you have 2 trophy!!!!
It's strictly for misc use.
There was an NBA finals in 2020?
Alf Beryl Roque
Alf Beryl Roque پیش 10 روز
18 champions is coming 💪💪💪 let's go team
oskiworld1 پیش 12 روز
The bubble provided the best bball competition I've seen in years
Mark Kevin Apalisok
Mark Kevin Apalisok پیش 13 روز
greg lialios
greg lialios پیش 14 روز
Still Can’t believe Rondo Stayed Healthy the Whole Playoffs since he returned. That’s a Blessing!
tabitharavikumar پیش 15 روز
you guys rocked the basket we are proud of you
Glyndon Warren
Glyndon Warren پیش 16 روز
AD anthony davis had just won the gold medal 🥇, NCAA and the NBA title 🏆
Joe Flores
Joe Flores پیش 17 روز
LeBron James just beat his old team
ivan ochada
ivan ochada پیش 19 روز
ilick lakers and davis and lebron
Stephen Wiafe-Amoako
Stephen Wiafe-Amoako پیش 21 روز
lets not forget dion waiters was a champion once this series started lmao,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Elwood Wesley
Elwood Wesley پیش 22 روز
Was just the heat but yea was big accomplishment they got there. But was butlers first finals. I knew they weren’t gonna win. Iggy n Haslem have but they past prime n role. Lakers had lebron, rondo, green, McGee, smith finals experience. Good for the young players to get this experience
Guy Austin
Guy Austin پیش 23 روز
Well someone says it’s only thing to make a brighter great team
Marc Richardson
Marc Richardson پیش 27 روز
@ 2:22...anybody else notice how Green fell 4 the pass fake SO hard from Dragic?! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 #GOTEEEEM
Imran Abbasi
Imran Abbasi پیش 28 روز
Thirdy Bierzo
Thirdy Bierzo پیش 28 روز
Engr Chad YT
Engr Chad YT پیش 29 روز
The moment rondo came back off his injury , the team sky rocketed on to the next level, when his on the floor , the team change
VL Sawma Tochhawng
VL Sawma Tochhawng پیش ماه
NBA is no matter because black matter
PromoPrime پیش ماه
You know what has occurred to me just now? The Lakers have started 5 basketball decades as the dominance of the league 1950 Champs 1980 Champs 2000 Champs 2010 Champs 2020 Champs 🤯
cm zam gaming
cm zam gaming پیش ماه
Kostas and horton damn lucky 😂😂😂
Jimmy Luyun
Jimmy Luyun پیش ماه
Frank Vogel is too awkward in this line "and I'm so damn proud of this team, world champions, ha ha"😂
Bjthebasketballguy پیش ماه
JNBA پیش ماه
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Timothy W
Timothy W پیش ماه
worst season ever. la doesnt want you lebron.
The Karen From Hell
The Karen From Hell پیش ماه
Nothing more than a staged event. This was all a scripted win to show that Lebron is better than Jordan and to help the bronsexuals in the sports media to continue the Jordan/Lebron GOAT conversation.
Michael Franklyn
Michael Franklyn پیش ماه
Queen Horton
Queen Horton پیش ماه
I,'m so happy they won💪🏿
he 94587
he 94587 پیش ماه
The dodgers won as well
GlassHouseEnt پیش ماه
Whoop they ass no cap lol
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Aylina hönicke
Aylina hönicke پیش ماه
be alright dean lewis
In Da Cut
In Da Cut پیش ماه
Bruh it hurts me that Kobe and his daughter should have been there 😩😬😖
rrr2 231
rrr2 231 پیش ماه
potang ina ka james
rrr2 231
rrr2 231 پیش ماه
noob james fuck you
Mike De paz
Mike De paz پیش ماه
TaylorW پیش ماه
I wish this finals was in the staples arena. It would have been the loudest crowd I've ever seen especially if covid didn't happen.
Admiral Koopal
Admiral Koopal پیش ماه
3:59 What was going through Javale's mind right here?
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Joshua Knight
Joshua Knight پیش ماه
Nfl just be shitting on the nba nfl regular season ratings better than the nba finals nfl draft ratings better than the nba nfl get more views on youtube than the nba
Jerome Marani
Jerome Marani پیش ماه
D' Star Arts And Crafts
Congratulations !Lakers. I Made A House Craft For You.Watch In My Channel.Cheers 😊
Erica Vanina Sala
Erica Vanina Sala پیش ماه
night routine
Florjen Baronia
Florjen Baronia پیش ماه
JH Lim
JH Lim پیش ماه
15:43 dang
Blockz Top
Blockz Top پیش ماه
We ain't finish with Kobe! Let's talk basketball.
Lisa Wheeler
Lisa Wheeler پیش ماه
cow chop
SithLordNefaar022 پیش ماه
Only thing that sucks is they can't have a parade, that woulda been one for the ages..... Fucking Covid
Lebron Lillard
Lebron Lillard پیش ماه
Let’s go
Berneil Despabiladero
Berneil Despabiladero پیش ماه
Dion "Gold Cheese" Waiters
Mike Gonzales
Mike Gonzales پیش ماه
jo fro
jo fro پیش ماه
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Courtney Sanders
Courtney Sanders پیش ماه
johnny carter
johnny carter پیش ماه
The Lakers won who cares lol football the real sport is going on
Keith Shields
Keith Shields پیش ماه
Frank Vogel may not of been Laker Nation's first choice but he was a the best choice. Coach Vogel stepped up his Coaching game 5-10 times throughout the playoffs and the finals. Coach proved that the philosophy of "if it ain't broke don't fix it" doesn't work. Ask the Clippers....
Davidson Tegga
Davidson Tegga پیش ماه
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EVANZ-ART پیش ماه
This is how many ring Caruso the GOAT will get I V
anthony scott
anthony scott پیش ماه
skye mojado
skye mojado پیش ماه
lebron james the legend
Nigel King
Nigel King پیش ماه
anybody notice frank left rob pelinka hanging lol
Jake Moreno
Jake Moreno پیش ماه
jordan goat
lynn horton
lynn horton پیش ماه
Elijah Dimaya
Elijah Dimaya پیش ماه
Winning it all. Its more important than winning individual awards
Ajay Devaharan
Ajay Devaharan پیش ماه
jonathan young
Flying Squirrel FPV
Flying Squirrel FPV پیش ماه
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Jacob Duel
Jacob Duel پیش ماه
john oliver
ramon amad
ramon amad پیش ماه
Congrats Loseangelis leker from my family
Young D.O.D SMM
Young D.O.D SMM پیش ماه
iritem.info/cd/fy-lm-h-y/b7CBqMjUk5i4hZc.html #lakers
hadoken12 پیش ماه
The defense by Miami looked so lackluster. It looked like the championship was not on the line to them
Anthony Silvosa
Anthony Silvosa پیش ماه
Face champion
Herbert پیش ماه
Fun fact - Lebron James is the greatest player for 3 different franchises let that sink in
Tubal Cain
Tubal Cain پیش ماه
Wow! I had to search for NBA champions. I did not know it was over.
FoulPet پیش ماه
Great to see NBA happy while supporting CCP murders
Ignacia Terno
Ignacia Terno پیش ماه
Let's go lakers 😁
sherlockinsomniac پیش ماه
Congrats lebron, ad, rondo and howard for getting the lamest championship in all of history.
Jack Skinner
Jack Skinner پیش ماه
I was hoping for a stop to the Lakers streak ):
Manuel Mendoza
Manuel Mendoza پیش ماه
Congrats Lakers, and Lakers nation, a new era has start for the lakers team, to king James, man i can't describe your greatness, all I can say is awesome,👏👏👏
Manuel Mendoza
Manuel Mendoza پیش ماه
Congrats Lakers, and Lakers nation, a new era has start for the lakers team, to king James, man i can't describe your greatness, all I can say is awesome,👏👏👏
Ig: JxiGee
Ig: JxiGee پیش ماه
coolasianbro پیش ماه
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Jay Vous
Jay Vous پیش ماه
lol the Heats got owned
Nostronappyboy Ruiz
Nostronappyboy Ruiz پیش ماه
Congratulations LA💜💛🏆
tyga z
tyga z پیش ماه
nobody watches ur sorry asses... hahaha
Marlon Mosley
Marlon Mosley پیش ماه
Lebron is the best if this time. Mj is the best of ALL time! [☝️ In my most arrogant Kid Ricky Rick voice.] " Crumbz"! iritem.info/cd/fy-lm-h-y/aLGTZ9fKx2PNh6M.html iritem.info/cd/fy-lm-h-y/pdSVltCs03eqnHU.html iritem.info/cd/fy-lm-h-y/m5CVj5yxz4LegI0.html
Pancho Villa
Pancho Villa پیش ماه
NBA can such my dick...
Kr Br
Kr Br پیش ماه
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Andrew Potter
Andrew Potter پیش ماه
LeBron James 🤔
JeiCorrTv پیش ماه
Lets do it again next season..
Shirley Winston
Shirley Winston پیش ماه
It's all for you Kobe n Gigi. They brung the championship home to L A. R.I.P. MAMBA
Victor Vasquez
Victor Vasquez پیش ماه
Jay BEE پیش ماه
Beta males
Stephen Galaso
Stephen Galaso پیش ماه
as a HUGE MJ and Kobe fan, let me take a second to explain why Lebron just surpassed MJ as the GOAT. The years Jordan didn't play for the Bulls, they still made it to the playoffs. Last year the Lakers didn't. And neither did they make it the prior couple years. Lebron comes in, healthy and they win a championship. Although 2 3-peats is an insane accoplishment, Lebron made a larger accomplishment by leading three separate teams to championship titles. Sometimes we forget to realize just how difficult it is to lead a team to a title. We've seen how many stars try year after year and are unable to accomplish that. Karl Malone, Charles Oakley, Allen Iverson, Patrick Ewing, James Harden, who are all amazing NBA players, Hall of Famers. Lebron just became the first player to lead 3 separate teams to that huge accomplishment. It's pretty insane. I wasn't a Lebron fan, until just now. He blew me away. I'd love to see what you guys think.
DeadPlayin پیش ماه
Lebron and Rondo hugging is iconic.
Tony Carreira
Tony Carreira پیش ماه
@3:07 😂 😂 😂
God پیش ماه
15:42 me when I try to give a High five to my friend 😂
Leah Gonzalve
Leah Gonzalve پیش ماه
how about to push love your own policemen..hu?
Dave Matthew Arcilla
Dave Matthew Arcilla پیش ماه
kobe is proud of you james